What We Do


With thousands of young women making an impact across various sectors, MTWA conducts research and evaluation on key topics affecting youth in particular women and girls. We work with our network of women to identify the key drivers of change in African communities.

Training & Development

We tailor events and trainings in the form of master classes; workshops and conferences which are all aimed at young women audiences between 18-35. We connect women within our network with each other and facilitate resources and skills that will empower them to succeed.


MTWA is a growing voice on the continent and globally. We advocate for social justice, equality and human rights. We amplify the voices and causes of our members that are aligned to our values. Creating a vital voice for change.

Economic Development in Africa

While the ability for women to contribute meaningfully to the economy has been a historical issue in Africa, we are beginning to see a shift taking place in the millennial age group with more young women entering into business and entrepreneurship. The women on our network are primarily focused on ensuring that African women are able to create lasting wealth and create employment in their communities. When women are equipped with the tools, opportunities and support they need, they can and will succeed in transforming the business landscape, pioneering new innovations and solutions.

Governance and Leadership

In a continent where less than 40% women hold public office, MTWA seeks to develop young women politicians, women who engage on all levels of government and connect them with mentors who have overcome challenges in breaking the mould. We connect young women who are already working in these spaces to address ways in which we can create our own tables vs. seeking a seat at table that is disconnected from the needs of society.

Human Rights and Community Empowerment

Women and children are the most adversely affected by poverty and violence. Through our network we partner with women leaders in civil society to advocate for social justice and the empowerment of communities. Human rights are at the epicenter of Africa's development and MTWA is committed to equipping grassroots with tools to support their initiatives and amplify their impact.






Partner With Us

We partner with clients and organization to produce high impact trainings, workshops and conferences tailored to inspire and connect women leaders.